Thursday, 15 October 2015

Stir - Breakfast Tea with Daily Cultures and Crohn's Disease

Hi Guys!

Well, this is my first little post about prizes. I'm hoping, (once I find my feet as a new blogger) that I can give comprehensive information about the products I have been trying. This is all rather new to me, so I'm sure it will appear very juvenile to most experienced bloggers, but I'm sure I'll find my feet eventually!

The Product

Well, I have been treated for a Crohns' flare-up very recently and my tummy is just starting to heal again. So, it's a good opportunity to work out the benefits of this new product by Stir that contain cultures which are good for the gut. I was lucky enough to win English Breakfast on twitter with my account @hammeremma.

Each pack contains 14 tea bags, which you drink one per day. My goal is to try it over the two week period and compare it to previous flare-ups and see if it might help the healing process or symptoms.

Today is DAY 1 so I'll be sure to report back my findings.

It may be that there is nothing to report as the company certainly doesn't claim to help Crohn's but I was willing to see if there's any noticeable improvements from previous recoveries.

I'll bulk this out more as I go along. I hope you enjoy the review/analysis.

Either way; although you are definitely aware that there is a distinct under-taste of the cultures, it certainly is a delicious brew!

You can find out more about Crohn's Disease and support here:

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